Photos by Olivia Ashton ( oli )

Photos by Olivia Ashton (

Our Story

Ground Breaking Bread was born in the first few days of 2018 on a cold January evening in Portland, Oregon. Clare, owner and founder, was determined to eat something that was filling and satisfying, without sacrificing her temporarily happy stomach for foods containing, gluten, yeast, sugar, and other irritants. After living off of primarily oatmeal and peanut butter for a duration of time that is too embarrassing to mention, Clare decided to find a better way to eat and live like a “normal person”.


After three years of traveling around Asia, Morocco, Europe and Australia, Clare returned home looking for answers to the following questions: How can we reconnect with eating bread? Why is everyone at home riddled with food intolerances and unhappy stomachs? How can the tradition of baking and breaking bread be recreated in a way that promotes health instead of hinders it?


No matter who you are, sitting down with loved ones or new friends and trading stories, lessons, and life’s precious moments over a good loaf of bread is better than almost anything. The common misconceptions that:

1.) bread is incredibly difficult to make at home

2.) bread is bad for you

3.) gluten free bread is good for you

simply are not true.

Bread can be simple. Simple to make, simple to eat. While most gluten free breads are typically made with nutrient-deficient flours and mystery additives, we make ours with all organic gluten free oats and seeds. Check your labels, people. These misconceptions about bread and nutrition are real problems that we need to address.

The answer, Clare thinks, is this: a bread mix that is accessible and easy to make at home (in an hour start to finish), has absolutely zero common irritants to the stomach (none of that gluten, soy, flour, yeast, corn, rice, or sugar), and actually promotes healthy digestion and the body’s natural way of absorbing and processing nutrients.

Aside from a stellar list of ingredients and great health benefits, the real purpose of Ground Breaking Bread is to redefine the experience of baking and breaking bread at home or with your community. Let’s collaborate, communicate, and work together to save the world while we eat bread, right?


Most of us with food “intolerances” are sensitive to our broken food system, plain and simple; our bodies have paid the ultimate price. This type of bread redefines moments around the table or out on an adventure, bringing you a loaf that nourishes tradition, prioritizes sustainability, fuels the body, and optimizes a healthy tummy and a happy life. Happy bread baking and breaking, my friends!


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