Sweet & Tart Pistachio Golden Raisin (Large Loaf)

Who doesn’t like a little extra texture in their bread? This super simple recipe using our versatile bread mix will have you going back for another slice all. day. long. (maybe share with some friends). Perfect with a cup of tea or to take with you on the trail, this recipe adds an extra punch of flavor with an extra dose of protein. We practiced making this recipe into Little Loafs, they turned out so cute and small (see photos below). This recipe makes one large loaf, or divide into thirds for triple the fun.


* This recipe calls for refrigerating your loaf before baking to let it set, you can skip this step if you’re short on time!


1 Bag of Ground Breaking Bread Seed Bread Mix

1/2 Cup of Shelled Pistachios, chopped

1 Cup Golden Raisins

1 Cup Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice**

2 Tablespoons Honey (Maple Syrup works, too)

1/4 Cup Oil (Coconut, Olive, Avocado and Sunflower all work)


1 1/2 Cup Water

** best to buy fresh oranges and squeeze with hand juicer


  1. Pour your bread mix into a large mixing bowl

  2. Add coarsely chopped pistachios and raisins to mix and stir

  3. Fresh squeeze oranges using a hand juicer and add to bowl (can substitute store bought OJ)

  4. Add in honey, oil, and water and mix thoroughly (hands work best)

  5. Add all ingredients to parchment lined or oiled loaf pan

  6. Refrigerate for at least 1 hour, up to 24 hours

  7. Preheat oven to 400 degrees F while bringing your loaf back to room temperature

  8. Bake for 1 hour (until golden brown on the outside), remove from loaf pan and let it sit for 2 hours prior to slicing

This recipe is perfect for breakfast or an afternoon snack! We love eating ours with a smear of butter and sea salt. Let us know how yours turns out! Tag us on Instagram @groundbreakingbread .

Happy bread baking and breaking!

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